I once read a meme that read ;”ever walked with someone who greets the whole world?”. Boy !was I quick to think of people who do so ,”people” is my immediate oldest brother ..Ohw no !I didn’t really mean to put it out there but well … I just forgot that even if I was pointing at him in my head ,three other fingers were pointing right back at me .Me is “people who greet the whole world”…if not the whole universe .

After exchanging greetings with Mr B and handing him my pair of shoes that I needed his magical hands to work on ,I went about my day minding my own business .Business that day was me setting one or two things I needed in place for my travel .It was interesting that most of the time during that day I thought of the shoes I had left with Mr B..I didn’t need to forget them with him .More-so,I needed them worked on in good time so that I have them picked up on my way home . The heels were a souvenir, someone had gifted them to me ..there was no way I was going to trash them all because of a simple opening ..Aibo! Maybe it was a sign that they were abused .The point is ;whether I had abused them or not ,I was still going to keep them .The shoe repair was going to do his job and that’s what mattered .

Time went by faster than a cheater takes time to catch its prey .I looked at the time after boarding the Chelston bus and It was already 5pm . “Mr B should be done by now “,I thought to myself .
I suddenly began seeing showers as the bus moved ..before I knew it ,I was in a world that seemed more serene than the one I am usually found in . I only snapped out of it when the bus passed on humps and knew I was almost reaching my destination .

“Mmmmh you are not done fixing my shoes ?”I said after seeing that the work wasn’t fully done .
“Ahh ..I will be done in a few ,just come later”.. Mr B said as he grabbed his needle ..

I didn’t have any other option than to wait even if displeasure was the expression of my face as I went off ..An hour down the line I went back to him ..whether he was done or not didn’t matter this time ,it was 7pm already ..I couldn’t wait anymore .
“Your bill is k15”,Mr Banda said with a smile .
“Wow really ?”I said excitedly .I liked Mr B for his warm atmosphere .There was no way I was going to begin going to another shoe repairer after I had noticed another one start business along the same road.. he seemed to have a frowny face often times . Moreover ,Mr Banda’s charges were always fair .I knew I would have been charged double the price elsewhere .If I am to be honest ,even if Mr B happened to have high charges compared to other people in the same business ,I would still choose his services .His aura won my heart .This girl is loyal ! SMEs better be taking notes .People buy into the person before they buy the product .

After handing in my payment ,he went on to say ; “ All this is going to my daughter at the University”..he said it with so much pride that I couldn’t help but recognize what a proud father he was .
“Ohw you have a daughter at uni?”,I asked like he wasn’t just from saying what I asked..
“Yes I do .”..He responded while counting all the money he had probably made that day .
My heart was swollen with joy and sadness at the same time . Joy,because I was happy to hear he is educating his daughter with what he does .C’mon!! a girl child better get some brains amen ? Sad ,I was moved at the amount of sacrifices he makes compared to the amounts he probably makes ..Obviously it’s common sense to approximate the total revenue of someone who repairs shoes in a location like he is in ..I always found Mr B at his office made of a few wooden materials at 8a.m every time I was going somewhere in the morning ..He worked overtime ..I mean ,I was collecting my shoes at 7pm . I was sad because if I was in a place to do something ,I would have done something about his daughter’s school fees ..My eyes weren’t co-operating ,something was pushing itself to roll over my cheek..I looked elsewhere and blinked quickly .I didn’t want people asking me if I had a bereavement . Clearly ,they weren’t going to comprehend why this was emotional for me .

“Ohw wow ,that’s amazing.” I said with a smile .
Can I have your line ? Is all I could say after that .
After exchanging numbers and collecting my shoes which looked like they didn’t have a fault before ,I headed home ..through out the way I began thinking just the kind of heart Mr B has towards his daughter . All I hoped was that his daughter knew just how much his father treasures her and speaks of her . Off course some African fathers never show what their daughters mean to them ..I cancer-worm that needs to be eliminated .. Scratch that !Mr Banda always seemed sweet ..I didn’t have much doubt about his affection towards his daughter .

I remembered the “all men are trash” spoken of by society ..often by women who have encountered ruthless men ;cheats ,rapists ,thieves ,liars and worse off in relation to this post “bad fathers”. ..surely ,Mr B was definitely not one of them . With this crazy world where most people have “daddy issues”, Mr B was playing the card differently .He was playing Superman (only it wasn’t End Game)by repairing every shoe his hands could grab so he could make her daughter’s dream come true .His life didn’t matter much ,his daughter’s welfare meant more to him .A unique avenger he is .

I likened this to how God has the same heart towards his children that he gave up his only son so that we have fellowship with him ..I felt it in the moment . A good man he is ,and more so ,a good good father is what he is .

My travel “business” I was up to went on ..though bumpy and out of anything I have ever experienced before in my life ..I was just glad I was home and laying down .I couldn’t help but talk about Mr B when I was with my sister.She was in awe after hearing the tale . As my experience with him replayed in my head, it dawned on me that I have come across several amazing male figures who have played the role of a super hero in my life .Whether it was ONE small thing or several big things they did for me didn’t matter .What mattered is that they had left a mark that was unforgettable in my life . Maybe writing about them would give one or two ladies who have had daddy issues /relationship probs/abuse and whatever form of negative experience some hope,I thought .That there are still men with good intentions .That some can be good fathers even if you had daddy issues .You don’t have to go around scared that you will have the monster you encountered for a life partner . No you won’t .

Cheers to all the good fathers /good men with a high fibre of integrity .Know that we love you and we will be praying for a kind like you to be born to this world so that it becomes a more habitable place .You are our heroes .

N.B: I don’t own the rights to the pictures .


Isn’t it amazing how seasons change? it’s like yesterday when we were all whining about how hot the weather was, now we are wishing we could have a little bit of sunshine. You know what, just be thankful for whatever season you are in currently. You never know how cold it can get sometimes. A little bit of sunshine killed no body,maybe it will just leave you with sun burns as a remembrance of how “warm” it once was.

Cold season means cover up or freeze up! It honestly doesn’t care who you are, you just have to bow down like Baal does to the prince of peace at the mention of his name.A poll neck is something that will get you covered like no man’s business. To be honest, I think it should be illegal to walk through this season without one lol.

If you want to go all casual, add denim jackets on in order to accentuate the look (depending on what other clothing items you are wearing). The amazing thing about the denim jacket in this case is that it isn’t only spicing up your look but also acting as an extra source of warmth, double take!

Alternatively, you can decide to wear the poll neck without adding any jacket whatsover if the day isn’t as cold.To avoid making the outfit look plaine and unserious, wear a round hat darling.

But what if you want to look a bit profressional? Well all you need is to add a jacket on and maybe wear a little attitude on your face.

And how can we forget to mention one of winter season’s wardrobe life savers? The trench coat**

A trench coat has a way of making a person look classic. Whether you want to wear it professionally or casually,it works that “classic” magic without you needing Cinderella to use a wand.

A black leather jacket is something I would also recommend in this season. Another colour is equally fine,but why black in the first place? because black is neutral dah! I like elegant looks, but I don’t mind looking like a biker just for a day or a month lol.

I was so looking forward to this year’s winter season because I couldn’t wait to wear my fur coat.

Unless you are a bourgeoisie already, the fur coat will definitely make you look richer than your bank account on a normal day especially if you wear it the right way.

I wouldn’t say a fur coat is as necessary as the trench coat and the poll neck, but hey looking rich is awesome haha. I don’t regret breaking my smart money plans of NOT buying luxurious items for the 1000th time, I will never do it again…hopefully.

Go all stylish this winter,remember; “you are always addressed as you are dressed”. Dress like THE BOSS.


Dressing up is more than just covering up,it expresses how someone reasons and sometimes the state of their emotions.The state of a person’s emotions manifests in various ways.Let’s talk about dresscode!

Why something happy for an attire?well someone once told me happiness was my decision. I am a leader of my state of emotions regardless what happens. Quite insightful hah?sooo anyway, I decided to go for a “happy” outfit. Some one could be wondering how this is even possible.Let me explain….

dream dreamer***(Temwani Farah)

I like to dream..that’s right! I have a dream that one day in my styling journey I will have an opportunity to travel to Paris.Well, even if it’s not fashion that will get me there will not break a bone….what will matter is that i will be there staring at the Eiffel tower in the flesh.

bonjour means “hello”.

I particularly bought a top with the French greeting “bonjour” because it makes me feel closer to my dream lol. In as much as I am a dreamer, I am working out my dream.How?Lets count together; un, deux, trois,quatre,cinq,six,sept,huit,neuf, dix….that’s far as I can count haha. All this awakens me to where I want to be and produces a bubble of happiness. Dreams do come true,yes, but they don’t happen by accident.Faith without action is wishful thinking darling***

hello France…I see you..

So hey,why don’t you go and pick up clothes that remind you of where you want to be and rock them. They don’t have to be expensive ( that’s why we have the gift of thrift stores lol).Forget (atleast for once) the loooong journey you need to take before you can get there.Make yourself think like you are a step away from arriving where you want to be.And who wears something happy with a doubtful confession of where they want to end up? I also don’t know.


The past few months have been like summer. No rains at all even if we are in the wet season.We really were anticipating for the rains but to no avail. What global warming can do! I have literally maintained dressing like I am in the month of October (boxed dresses and loose tops paired with jeggings).

I however decided to include the throw over as my essential wardrobe item (thanks Flavian for this birthday gift) because it’s so easy to wear on a busy day…

If you are a student who is into style like me, you will obviosly relate when I say no matter how busy you are, you atleast still want to look presentable on a normal school day.Even if you woke up ten minutes before class and had not pre-planned what to wear for class, the throw over could be your last minute “answered prayer” that could make you look representable.

I particularly went for a casual look when I wore it ,like I earlier mentioned ;” heels down for a moment”. I like to be comfortable! I paired my grey throw with a black string top and black jeggings. Black and grey actually works aside from the “black and yellow”, “black and white” combinations that are so common.

A small pink belt with yellow and white dots highlighted my waist area. I went for earings that matched with the colour of the throw, I was aware I could end up looking like I was going for a circus if I wore too many colours seeing white was the colour of my shoes.

Even though the weather is extremely hot, I try as much as possible to keep the thought that my body is not some t.v show everyone has to look at. I am covered but not suffocated in this entire and this awesome wardrobe item helped me maintain my thought pattern towards dressecode. Now I am not suggesting that it’s the only thing you can wear that can make you look modest on hot days..lol..am saying it makes modesty even easier whilst co-operating with the weather.Now go and get yours!

*Throw over gotten from Pepstores*


If you are someone who follows “must have wardrobe items”, you will most likely agree with me that the ‘Little Black Dress’ (LBD) is something that every lady should own. It’s almost ilegal not to have it (I will legalise the law when I become a fashion police lol).Why? because it’s a life saver in a situation where you suddenly need to go somewhere and have no clue on what to wear. Here is how you can rock your LBD;

The Elegant Way..

Elegance can never let you down! It has a way of making people look like they are on top of things. Bright coloured Stiletto heels are definitely a great idea on such a dress, they are classic.Alternatively, you may wear strappy heels..just make sure they are nothing close to a dull colour.

If your dress is loose to the body, have your hair pinned neatly. On the other hand, if it’s tight to the body you can allow your hair to have a flowy look.

Never forget to wear earings!They have a way of highlighting the dress. Go for the ones that go well with the colour of your shoes.If you have a long neck, long ones are a go.Am I suggesting that ladies with short necks should never wear long earings?that’s a story for another day.

The Casual Way…

The casual way is my favorite way of wearing the LBD because I like to be comfortable (heels down for a moment fam). White sneakers are such a treasure on such a clothing item,trust me!haha. You can relax if you don’t own a pair of white sneakers, any bright coloured sneakers can look great too. Noticed the pattern in the colour of shoes?that’s because black is dark,it needs a highlighter.

Is the weather cool? a denim jacket would not break any bone. It would make your casual look even better.

Remember that the “Zooming Association of Social Media” are on a hunt?yes?scratch that lol. All am saying is ensure to wear a different set of earings if you have worn the dress before in another style, you don’t want your look to be identical as to when you last wore it. Never forget to carry your tiny shoulder bag,whatever brand it is as long as it accentuates your casual look. Lastly,add a pop of Godfidence..it’s what makes your look glow even more.Now go rock the LBD darling!!